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Empire Avenue Recap & EA Market Report For February 2, 2012 – Early Edition

Portfolio Summary for WPMD:

  • Portfolio Value: 7,703,775.760 ( +87,888.76 )
  • Weekly Earnings: 4,395.66 (+45)
  • Yesterday’s Investment Earnings: 44,575.76
  • Investment Earnings / Wk: 302,368.59 (+17236)

BUY, BUY, BUY! My broadcasting friend at WAVE96 is EN FUEGO! Up 11.58 and sitting at 41.56 – in two days! At this pace, they might beat me to 100! LOL – nah, it’s all good!

RIDING IN THE DANGER ZONE: Nine stocks from my Empire Avenue portfolio plummeted at least 1.00: Gary Paulson (YOI; -1.00 @ 54.35), Ramesh Shankerlal (RANSAE; -1.07 @ 114.51), Randy Thio (IDEABLOKE; -1.08 @ 54.68), Marcelo Fernandes (EYER; -1.16 @ 72.01), Principe Alverto (PRAL; -1.33 @ 108.74), Paul Houston (POD101; -1.37 @ 203.48), Josh @iDreamDigital (JOSH; -1.46 @ 286.86), Kenny Wilkinson (KENNYW; -1.75 @ 75.97) and BurgZerg Arcade (BZA; -2.08 @ 121.03). Having such a drop isn’t that great of a thing and might be a slight slump that they can rebound from. It may raise a red flag for some, but this isn’t grounds for me to sell them off. (That would be selfish AND stupid.)

RAKING IN THE EAVES: Taking into consideration the top 10 stocks in my portfolio with the highest dividend earnings (which comprise of PIRILLO, LOUIEBAUR, MYSODOTCOM, CLATKO, AJAX1NL, JONAK, KIMGARST, BRETZKE, NAK and INTERNEY, with total in 2,075 shares outstanding in all) total up 5301.82 eaves, or an average of 530.182 eaves.

RECOMMENDATIONS: If you didn’t catch yesterday’s recommendation post, I suggest you check it out. I should have an afternoon report filed between noon and 1 PM CST with new recommendations.




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