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EA Market Report: February 2, 2012 – Afternoon Edition

ROLLING IN THE EAVES: So far today, there are six stocks who have had considerable gains so far today: Kratom East (KRATOM; +2.05 @ 107.87), Kimberly Reynolds (PICKYKIM; +2.29 @ 92.28), Harrison College (HARRISON1902; +2.31 @ 51.62), Hezi Hershkovitz (HHEZI; +2.51 @ 83.27), Chris Burylo (PINNACLEQ; +4.23 @ 52.33) and Wave96 (KEAZ; +6.85 @ 48.61). My recommendation: BUY BUY BUY!

EMPIRE AVENUE HALL OF SHAME? I was hoping some of those I mentioned in a previous edition would have turned around and shown some increases today. Unfortunately, another day of losses for Principe Alverto, BurgZerg Arcade, Kenny Wilkinson and Ramesh Shankerlal. Combined, they account for 4.09 in losses per share, or 1.023 eaves per share per stock. Take into consideration how many stocks I own in the above (500) and I have a 2,045 eave hit today or 511.25 eaves per stock. My recommendation: I’ve heard that some active traders have dumped them off, but if they don’t recover by Saturday, it may be very likely that I may sell them off.

TOP 10 IN RECEIVED DIVIDENDS: Top 5 accounts for 3150.98; entire list accounts for 5348.97

  1. Chris Pirillo (PIRILLO) 912.58
  2. Louie Baur (LOUIEBAUR) 651.98
  3. Kevin Green (MYSODOTCOM) 570.46
  4. Chris Latko (CLATKO) 547.49
  5. Art Jonak (JONAK) 468.47
  6. Ajax1.nl (AJAX1NL)  467.22
  7. Edney Souza (INTERNEY) 444.51
  8. Kim Garst (KIMGARST) 442.20
  9. Steve Bretzke (BRETZKE) 422.17
  10. Terri Nakamura (NAK) 421.79




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