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A Victory For Everyone Who Uses The Internet Today

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Just in the past few hours, it has been revealed that the U.S. House has cancelled a vote in the House Judiciary Committee on whether or not the Stop Online Piracy Act will move on to the House floor for a vote.

Thanks to staunch opposition from millions of people, organizations like Fight For The Future, Demand Progress and Electronic Frontier Foundation and corporations like Apple, Microsoft and Amazon, the chief sponsor of SOPA, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) has realized that the concerns with the bill are legitimate and dismissed the committee without a vote.

To me, that sounds like a killed bill. But reporters from Wired and Huffington Post don’t want to believe that.

It’s dead – simple as that.

The next point of attack is the U.S. Senate, where Scary Harry Reid is trying to force a vote on PROTECT IP as soon as possible.

What They Refuse To Tell You
There are a lot of flaws within SOPA and PROTECT IP:

  1. The REAL content creators get screwed in the end. I’m talking about those who create videos on YouTube, record music and just about anything entertainment-related.
  2. Musicians have been screwed over for years. Since March 2007, artists receive 35 cents per album sale and 3-5 cents per hour in broadcast royalties. SOPA & PROTECT IP will give the recording industry (mainly the major record labels) and publishing giants (BMI, ASCAP & SoundExchange) the right to cut album sale royalties from 35 cents per album to 15-17 cents per album and broadcast royalties cut down to 1 cent or less per hour.
  3. SOPA & PROTECT IP will give the publishing giants authority TO DOUBLE current broadcast royalty rates. So if you paid $1,300 in 2011 in royalties to all three giants for ONE station, you might be paying $2,600 in 2012. If you’re in Internet radio, you might be forced off the air. If you’re a small media group with terrestrial AM/FM stations, you might be facing the same fate. (It’s bad enough that Internet radio stations pay 5x to 10x the rates that terrestrial stations pay.)
  4. All in all, it’ll be a victory for the 1%.


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