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Chaos & Empire Avenue

Let’s just say that it is almost impossible to stay away from this blog, especially now when Empire Avenue allows you to connect your WordPress.com blog. Activity scores may not be implemented until September 20 – 27 (or somewhere in that timeframe).

I may have been inactive for a while and I’ve had my reasons due to strict rules here on advertising, an 80+ hour work week, driving 15 hours a week and running all four of my businesses. But since EAV is now going to start scoring activity on WordPress, I pretty much have no choice but to continue writing in this blog to run my scores up AND still keep writing in my station and Tumblr blogs.

So You’re Wondering……What The Hell Is Empire Avenue?
Post created 13:16 CDT on 06.20.2011 titled “I Still Don’t Know What To Think Of Empire Avenue”

So at the invitation of technology guru Chris Pirillo, I joined a website called Empire Avenue. It is a fantasy stock market where you can own shares of an individual or a business.

So, What Exactly Is Empire Avenue (also known as EAV)?
It’s a fantasy stock market game, a social networking tool, a social networking scoring service and a means to make social media more interesting.
It operates exactly like the stock market, where your regular use of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube results in higher social networking scores and stock price increases. The stock price will also increase when someone purchases your stock as well. (Just hope no one sells the stock too quickly!)
What Kind Of Social Media Websites Does EAV Currently Allow You To Link To?
Currently, EAV allows you to link your Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, Yahoo’s Flickr photo sharing service and YouTube. (Editor’s Note 9/7/2011: Since this post, Foursquare, Instagram and WordPress have been added into the mix.) You can also link your blogs to help increase your social media scores.
Plans are in development to add Foursquare, Xbox Live and other social media sites in the near future.
Is It Important That I’m Active In Social Media?
It is highly recommended. Your activity in social media helps determine your “Network Scores”, a scale of your activity on a scale of 1 to 100 (0 usually means you’re not active or don’t have an account). The more activity you have, the higher the scores and ultimately, higher stock prices.
Okay, I’m Convinced! If I Join, Do You Have Any Stock Suggestions?
To join, click the Empire Avenue logo above. You start with a limited amount of eaves (the currency of EAV), so don’t automatically put all of your eggs in one basket. We have some suggestions from our own portfolio:
You’re On EAV! Can We Buy Your Stock?
Depending on availability of stock, yes. Current stock info is in the widget below:
Further details about Empire Avenue from their About page:

The Social Stock Market

Empire Avenue is the Social Stock Market, where you can Grow your Social Capital online. Here’s how it works, you get to discover valuable, interesting, cool, fun people online and then based scores or share price, invest virtual currency in their profiles by buying shares in our Social Stock Market. It’s boatloads of fun, and that simple act of buying shares in someone you think is worth your currency, you will create new connections and as people invest in you, grow your own social capital and get more value in and out of your networks!

    • Empire Avenue is about you! Connect your networks and then find great people to invest your social capital and connect with!
    • Your share price is an indication of online activity, engagement and shares outstanding
    • Use our stats advisors to improve and monitor your social media usage!
    • Earn cool achievements for everything from Empire Avenue actions as well as stuff you do on other networks!
    • Use your wealth to buy luxury items in our Empire Avenue Store
    • Rise up the ranks! You could even be the CEO of your chosen Index!
Be Social, Reap the Rewards

When you join Empire Avenue, you can connect your Social Networking accounts, and we’ll score activity and engagement in each account and give you a virtual share price. The connections you make on Empire Avenue create “value-based” relationships, a deeper relationship than simply “following” someone, in a completely less intrusive context than becoming “friends.”

Every day, you’re on Twitter, talking to friends on Facebook, uploading videos or photos, and writing blog posts. Just for doing that stuff, you’ll earn Eaves – our virtual currency – and we’ll dish out some more virtual cash to your shareholders. Along the way you’ll have a bit of fun, make new connections, learn about different people, and learn about social networking and the value of your network! Use your Eaves wisely and you might just become a virtual millionaire… or billionaire (insert evil, world-dominating laugh)?

What are you waiting for? Get started now! It’s free!

Empire Avenue Instructional Video

Empire Avenue for Business

Empire Avenue is inherently a social networking game that allows you to connect with individuals based on “value relationships” – these are much closer relationships than just having someone follow you on Twitter or Like you on Facebook. Use Empire Avenue to find highly engaged individuals around the world across a wide variety of interests. It’s a great way to get your brand in front of new, engaged audiences and connect with relevant customers in a fun environment across 150+ countries. Your network of virtual Shareholders could be incredibly important whether you are a small or nationally and internationally recognized brand! Hey, even businesses can have fun and still profit.

Some recognizable brands:

Empire Avenue as a Tool

Empire Avenue is what you make of it. Empire Avenue can be used as a complement to your social networking, as a way to meet and make great new connections, find individuals who are engaged in each of their networks and as a way to connect online. If you’re new to social media, Empire Avenue can even be a great training tool – a fun way to discover the power of social networks, find out how strong your social media efforts are and how to make your online presence even more effective!



3 thoughts on “Chaos & Empire Avenue

  1. do you know how to add an empire avenue link/rss feed to a wordpress blog per chance?

    Posted by elopro | December 2, 2011, 12:14 pm


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