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Illinois Takes Yet Another Step Backwards (No, The Blame Isn’t On Illinois – It’s The Corrupt Bastards From Chicagoland)

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Okay, so the state of Illinois is in a $13 billion budget deficit quandry. First, they refuse to pay schools what they owe. (Although, they still manage to.) Then, they increase the overall state income tax by 66% of the previous rate and state corporate tax by 33% of the previous rate. Now, the warlock troll from Chicagoland known as Patrick Quinn signs a abolishment of the death penalty.

Okay, so killing people via the death penalty is wrong? Try saying that to the thousands of families who have had someone murdered by one of these sick freaks still on the loose. And now, for the 15 murderers (five of them murderer-rapists) who were soon to meet their liquid fate with a lethal injection, they’re partying it up in their prison cells while a black cellmate named Bubba is still giving them anal entry.

And when now the expense of holding these bastards in prison for $75,000 a year for the rest of this decade and the expenses, coinciding with inflation, will increase by $8,500 every decade that they’re rotting away in prison? They’re serving a 50-70 year life sentence without the chance of parole when they deserve to die almost immediately? I’m not about to sit here, pay taxes on something that’s overall a waste of money, when it costs them $3,500 every five years for the cocktail they use for the lethal injections.

Hello, Patrick Quinn, do you hear me? In five years, on one death row inmate, you save $371,500. On all 15 death row inmates that were set and ready for their trip to Death City, Illinois could have saved $5,572,500 if you killed them today. You just created a block in profiting on killing murderers and rapists. You’re making the deficit even worse now.

You know there’s at least 1500 murderers and rapists awaiting trial in Illinois. Kill them in 3 months – multiply the previous value by 100. You could save $557,250,000.

Patrick Quinn and his Chicagoland hussies try to play the gangsta game, but they’re sincerely failing. They are at fault for the problems in this state (and country).

My solution: protest the decision, demand a recall election and vote on 2012 statewide referendum to kick the Chicagoland region out of Illinois (or sell Chicagoland to China). It’s either that or get as far away from this damn state as possible – they’re getting really close to pressing the self-destruct button on this state and really quick for that matter.

Oh, and Obama? You’re illegally our president, so don’t think I won’t be delivering any punches anytime soon. You’re also part of the problem.



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