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What The Hell’s With Our Educational System?

I try not to delve in too many issues like this but a recent news story I have discovered that CBS 5 in Oakland, CA:

A teacher at Oakland’s Markham Elementary School has been suspended indefinitely after school officials said a pair of second-graders performed sex acts on each other in class – with the teacher present.“I think everyone is taken aback over this shocking incident,” Troy Flint, the spokesman for the Oakland Unified School District, told CBS 5. “Of course, it is hard to understand how that could have occurred.”

Flint said the sex acts incident was one of two separate cases under investigation involving the teacher; both incidents occurred last week in the same classroom but he said they didn’t come to the attention of school officials until Wednesday.

In one case, several students apparently took off their clothes and were naked in the classroom. In the second incident, a boy and girl reportedly engaged in oral sex in front of their classmates.

Flint indicated that the suspended teacher, whose name was not released by the school district, was present for both of the incidents.

Flint and Markham principal Pam Booker said they were limited in terms of the details they could release at this time because of the ongoing investigation into the matter.

Booker noted that the students said to be involved in the incidents were interviewed by school leaders.

In a letter sent to parents of Markham students on Thursday, Booker offered an apology by telling them that the incidents “represent an unacceptable lack of supervision. I understand there is great anger over this news.”

The station filed the following news report:

What the hell has happened to the public school educational system? With the teachers creeping too close to child molestation, sex with teenage minors, child abuse and other offenses that could make them a sex offender.

The victims here are the two second graders who performed sexual acts, not the teacher and sure as hell not the Oakland USD. The unnamed teacher is indefinitely suspended WITH pay, which shouldn’t happen. He sat at his desk while those kids performed sexual acts on each other – downright despicible.

What’s even worse is that in Helena, MT, school nurses give lessons to kindergarteners on terms like “nipple, breast, penis, scrotum and penis”. Understandable in cases of child or sexual abuse, but I feel that it is NOT the business of the school district to play the messenger boy when there is a Department of Child & Family Services (or a state department of a similar setup) in every single state.

This is one disturbing statement I read that came from Dr. Stuart Lustig, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at UC San Francisco:

Sexual play among children – even though often worrisome to adults – is not uncommon,  even at a very young age. They do experiment with each other’s bodies and it’s part of normal development. Oral sex at a young age is not as common and probably more concerning.

May I ask what this guy was smoking, because that is possibly the most ignorant statement I have ever read.

I am sincerely disgusted by the way public schools have turned into and it has a minimal reason to do with curriculum. They’re teaching sex to kids in kindergarten and homosexuality before you go into junior high.

Even former U.S. Secretary of Education Dr. Bill Bennett wrote a book about this years ago about this topic – The Death of Outrage.

Even this new MTV drama Skins intensifies the situation worse. Do you really think seeing a 12-year-old kid getting drunk is funny? And I can understand the outrage of seeing a 17-year-old nude boy who took medications for erectile dysfunction.

You know, although I will officially be graduated from high school six years in May, they never taught any promotion of homosexuality – and sexual education was part of the health books, not as a separate class.

And then there’s this recent battle in Illinois: the state want to butt in and set specifications for their curriculum, costing these home schools more money. Home schooled students in the greater majority have higher scores than public school students. They’re not subjected to 8-10 hour school days like public schools are. However, I felt like I should express my opinion yesterday during a radio program, only to get ridiculed by the radio show host on the basis on how I spoke:

Due to Webs.com having technical issues once again, the audio file might not immediately be available. Please be patient until the file actually plays. I noticed Webs went down about five minutes ago.



One thought on “What The Hell’s With Our Educational System?

  1. As a mother of two small children. One of which is in a public school. Hearing this type of information is very disconcerning to say the least. Getting probation with pay sends a message that the school does not take the actions taken by the teacher serious. To me it’s a red flag that the teacher has some sort of mental illness and is a potential child molestor. Of course that is only my opinion.
    However, on a more professional opinion. In most cases when children are acting out in a sexual manner. It usually is a strong indication that there has been some type of molestation or trauma that has occured to the young child. As a child psychologist I have studied many cases, and strongly disagree with any classification of this being “normal childhood behavior”. If the child is showing any signs, it should be taken seriously and not be swept under the rug such as this case.

    Posted by kulthum | March 9, 2011, 12:03 am

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