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Truth In Advertising: T-Mobile & H&R Block

In the modern day of advertising, you just need to determine the difference between the truth or overall bullshit. In this post, I will pick away at many of the claims many advertisements are claiming and the actual truth they’re conveying proving how pathetic their marketing guys are.

T-Mobile: 4G is slow with AT&T and Verizon

Okay, so T-Mobile has been attacking AT&T ever since 4G cellular service and even the newer iPhone model. And even now since Verizon also sells the iPhone, they’re also attacked as well.

The Truth: Realistically, if you pay close attention to Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile’s coverage maps, they aren’t really all that different. You can’t get a signal throughout most of the southwest and when you drive through a low area, the signal drops. Hell, TracFone, Net10 and Simple Talk, three of the major prepaid companies through major retailers, have some of those issues, but at least three miles outside of Las Vegas (which is normally a weak spot for the major cellular providers) you can make a phone call. AT&T and Verizon has been doing smear campaigns for years, but now they’re on the receiving end of things at the $14.5 million expense of T-Mobile. In all purpose, all three are scam artists and you might as well add Sprint/Nextel, Boost Mobile and U.S. Cellular to the mix. You’re better off with the prepaid companies I mentioned earlier.

H&R Block: Never settle for less.

Never settle for less. This has been their motto since the 2008, but yet they still manage to stand by it.

The Truth: Never settle for less my ass. I went to H&R Block in 2006 to file my 2005 tax return and charged me $85 for a return of $235. I should have filed with TurboTax then, but they didn’t have all of the deductions shit like they do now. H&R Block tries to get you additional money back, but they know NOTHING about the deductions of which the people at TurboTax busts their asses to get more of your money back. I’ve filed all of my returns with TurboTax since then and have even gone as far as doing my mother’s taxes – now for the second year in a row. She was a H&R Block customer for about 15 years. I know some things that are going to happen in 2012: 1) not filing taxes with H&R Block (again); 2) keeping all receipts and file itemized deductions and 3) get more money back with TurboTax again.

I’ll do some more of these in the future, so keep your eyes open for another entry. Or, if you have a company you want us to prove their advertising is full of lies, feel free to contact me at the station office at webmaster@wwpmmedianet.info.



2 thoughts on “Truth In Advertising: T-Mobile & H&R Block

  1. H&R block actually refused to do my taxes some 10 years ago. This pushed me to go ahead and get my accounting degree been doing my own taxes since. I hate false advertising and how the big corporations are able to get away with it.

    Posted by kulthum | February 12, 2011, 8:23 pm
  2. Truth in Advertising — Jake, this is a great topic… I have always paid attention to the way commercials and other types of advertising can be misleading… I remember being 11 and watching a commercial promote a shampoo that gives you healthy “LOOKING” shiny hair… (Not HEALTHY hair)…. I never forgot it… And to this day they still use the same slogan. Drives me nuts…

    Posted by canadiansteph | February 12, 2011, 10:20 pm

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