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At Midnight, The Oppression Begins

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I’m warning everyone – the oppression will not end once BlogTalkRadio knows we are willing to pay for the service. They will start to charge more and more. Now, let me ask you this: Can you remember a time when so many hosts are leaving?

Don’t be afraid to spread your wings and get the hell out of there. Don’t pay $30 to do a 2 hour show when you can go to www.talkshoe.com and do a 5 hour recorded show, not to mention that you stay on the phone for 24 hours. Now, please show your support for the move to TalkShoe by doing the following. It’s very simple but will send a message to your listeners and the BTR staff:

  1. Make the title of your BTR show page “Goodbye BTR” in big, bold letters and show links to your new show on the BTR homepage.
  2. Guests in the BTR forums will direct them to your show on your perspective networks and take all the prospective guests away from this oppressive site and to where the radio is free and fun.
  3. Go on other shows and preach these words to other hosts. It’s not gonna matter anyway. What can they do, kick you off their show? You won’t be doing shows there anymore anyway!
  4. Do not host any more shows on BTR. Simply use it to send people to your new network.

Well, everyone, it all begins in a few hours. Will you sit, obey and pay for what appears to be a ripoff? Or will you strive for your own freedom of speech? So many online radio shows are becoming pay to play and that’s just wrong. We are promised freedom of speech.

BTR, how is it freedom of speech if we have to pay for it?

In closing, I wish my BlogTalkRadio friends farewell – or at least broadcasting there anyway. I’m not going to cut ties with those that my Internet radio station syndicates, all of which have sponsors. BlogTalkRadio has shot themselves in the foot and will soon be losing a lot of listeners quickly to Internet media networks and sites like TalkShoe.



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