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Homophobic Rants From David Pakman’s Show Thursday Fuels Fire In Gay Community

Once again, David Pakman continues to dig himself a deeper hole. In the start of Thursday’s broadcast on uStream, the host of The David Pakman Show went on a homophobic rant which included the self-proclaimed “Jesus of Satellite Radio”, Howard Stern. The comments involved comments that makes it sound like Stern is homophobic.

He’s been digging himself a deep hole since early in the month. This time around, Pakman has been making homophobic remarks on-air since the broadcast with an interview regarding the “don’t ask, don’t tell” repeal. Then on Thursday, he points the blame on Stern.

Some of his current and/or now former listeners have said in response to Thursday’s show in protest of his actions:

I am gay, and I used to like you, but after hearing what you have said about honest, decent, hardworking, mainstream Americans who have a sincere and legitimate desire and a right to want Obama to produce a certified copy of his birth certificate – if such a document exists.

You try to have jumped on the band wagon with the rest of the liberal media and joined the smear campaign bay calling these people “birthers” and by trying to sweep very important issue under the rug, and by flat out lying, and by trying to pass off your own political bias and personal opinion, and lies as established fact.

I have no respect for you. You are just like all the rest of liberal-controlled media that uses the media to try to brainwash people into believing what they tell them instead of trying to discover the facts and letting people use their own critical judgment and drawing their own conclusions.

You are nothing but a propagandist, and even though I am gay, I believe you are of no use to gay people and you are not worth watching.
Larry Lane

EDITOR NOTE: Pakman definitely pissed off this man. NEXT!

I totally agree with Larry. It seems to me like you understand and acknowledge the problems that are plaguing our federal government but you lead people to think in the same ways as all of our other media outlets. You bring up topics for debate that are interesting to talk about, but politically they aren’t very important. I feel you should talk more about where our tax dollars are being spent and how the federal government operates – not debate whether 2 fags should be able to get married (who the fuck cares, seriously?). It’s a shame and an insult to your listeners when we get the feeling you know so much more about our political system yet you seem bounded by the models for political discussion that our more mainstream media uses.

I think the lesson we should learn as a nation from your program is that the last thing we need is another jew with a microphone lying to us.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Looks like Pakman is avoiding the true issues of the nation. NEXT!

Believe me Larry, David is not the propagandist, and is certainly not the one buying into media bullshit.

David Pakman is a strong voice for homosexual Americans, moreso than someone who gets caught up in whether or not the President was born here. Anyways, even if this media propaganda about Obama not being a “true” American were true, who gives a shit where he popped out of his mother?

You have bought into one of the stories that right-winged conservatives brew up in order to distract not only themselves, but their avid followers from the issues at hand: specifically, the basic human rights of American people.

While you’re bitching and moaning about what country Barack Obama broke through his mother’s cervix in, millions of gays are being denied countless civil liberties, women are being stripped of their right to privacy, and costly wars are being waged in all the wrong placed.

Before criticizing a respectable and upstanding voice on almost any social or political issue, why don’t you get your priorities straight.
Andrew Kletzien

EDITOR’S NOTE: Looks like someone’s drinking the Gatorade again and making himself look like an idiot.

Dear Mr. Pakman,

Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are desperately trying to PREVENT the civil war that will result from growing government micromanagement of our lives — unconstitutional mandatory health care whether one can afford it or not and a raft of new taxes to pay for it; gun control and the inevitable confiscation that you must admit is actively being called for, despite the fact that 99 percent of gun owners never commit a gun-related crime; the inevitable tax increases and economy- and job-killing energy and pollution policies being inflicted on an economy that is nearing Great Depression II; Frances Fox Piven stopped herself the other night just before she REPEATED her call for European-style violent and deadly riots HERE, to which Beck responded that the Nazis were using the techniques of early Progressives, not the other way around.. I heard him. Cass Sunstein, one of yours, says “When we find out that people are human — that they have a little Homer Simpson in them — it’s a lot easier to manipulate them.” I don’t know how YOU feel about being manipulated, but I don’t like it, and that’s why I listen to Beck, and sometimes Limbaugh, who always say “Don’t take MY word for it, do your own research.”

As a professional researcher, I have seen the tragic outcome of relying on government for everything and investing all authority in it.

That which is not being atttacked has no need of being defended. Out Bill of Rights culture is being attacked. I regret that conservatives do not respect abortion rights, gay rights, sometimes minority rights.There are laws to protect those groups. The Constitution was supposed to prevent government from interfering in ALL our rights, but people on your side of the aisle describe it as an outmoded document that must adapt to each successive era or be scrapped.

How did you enjoy your progressive surveillance-state TSA “freedom fondle” and your “sonderhandlung” (German for “special handling”) by the TSA supervisor? Not much, you said. Beck and Limbaugh OPPOSE that kind of government intrusion, DESPISE it. If it’s “racist” and “hate speech” to call someone who behaves, thinks and talks like a Nazi a Nazi, then prepare for the human wave.

EDITOR’S NOTE: So instead of relying on the political bullshit that both sides spew out, how about we do our own research and come to our own political conclusions instead of believing bullshit that Keith Olbermann and Bill O’Reilly say on TV or what David Pakman or Rush Limbaugh say on radio.

Another comment from “Defender”:

I don’t understand why anyone who can do a Google search continues to listen to you.

Limbaugh wasn’t making fun of the sound of Chinese, but complaining about the fact that Hu’s speech WASN’T BEING TRANSLATED. Not helpful for a unilingual American audience at all. An insult to a foreign dignitary, as much of an insult to him as his traveling musician insulted us by playing an anti-American Chinese “popular tune.”


Don’t complain about “mindless haters on the Right” ubtil you get your own house in order.


If you want to listen to his retarded little program and this episode, go here and insult his whiny ass: http://www.davidpakman.com/2011/01/january-27-2011/



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