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Help Stop The Westboro Baptist Church From Protesting Soldier’s Funeral!!!

To those who don’t know, Benjamin Moore a volunteer fire fighter and SOLDIER in the US ARMY who died last week from a roadside bomb. His funeral is Saturday Jan 22nd at 10:15am and the Westboro Baptist Church plans on protesting his funeral services. Well, that’s not cool with me… So myself and Mike DaGrossa are putting together “Protest The Protesters” this mans family and friends should be able to mourn their loss in PEACE!! So here is what we are doing to help….

Saturday Morning at 7am we are assembling at the Bristol Boro Warf to get a majority of the people ready to show up to the funeral in Bordentown Nj. We will leave Bristol at 7:30am and arrive around 8am and proceed to make a human barrier to prevent the WESTBORO BAPTIST protesters from getting close to the funeral services at the church. I am asking anyone who can join please show up at Bristol Boro Warf NO LATER than 7:15am so we can get a head count, also I am DEMANDING that you bring NO weaponry at ALL…  This is a PEACEFUL demonstration and remember this is a FUNERAL, we don’t want more havoc in the families life than already received.

You should bring your state issued ID just in cars the police want to know who you are, bring enough money to get you over the bridge, and wear warm clothing because we will be outside the whole time!! The media will be present so if you decide to make signs you should NOT make them overly offensive otherwise you may be asked to put them in your car or leave by order of the

Bordentown PD. BRING NO WEAPONS, if you are caught with them you WILL BE arrested, and lastly DO NOT touch any of the demonstrators because you can and most likely will be arrested, even if they spit on you, you CAN NOT touch them!

Here is the address of the Church we will be assisting at:
Trinity United Methodist Church
339 Farnsworth Ave, Bordentown, NJ 08505-1708

For More Information Please Contact:
Tom Heinsinger III 215-601-1023
Mike DaGrossa 215-626-3983


About Tommy DeVito

I own and host a show on SicknessRadio.com and I Hate People!!



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