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Political Correctness Is Over-Rated, But People ALWAYS Gripe & Whine

I guess I realize this after one day, but obviously with some remarks I made yesterday on my work Facebook account (which have been deleted long before this post) that fired up the Jewish and liberal communities, mainly progressive radio host of The David Pakman Show, David Pakman and gay activist/host of This Show Is So Gay, Kenneth Schneck.

The remarks involved my anger and frustration toward an information technology service buyer, My Computer Works, regarding a work order I did last Tuesday. I used the term “getting Jewed over” in those remarks, with reference to being ripped off and it created a media firestorm.

As of 5:00 PM Central yesterday, both Schneck and Pakman, both Jewish progressive liberals, pulled their shows from the station, without even accepting an apology and making attacks saying I am anti-Semitic. The comment was a Freudian slip and it should have never been said. But here is the one fact: I’m NOT racist, and that eliminates their stupid allegations of my being “anti-Semitic.”

It is political correctness that wants to ruin the face of Internet radio by pointing out the flaws of station management and exploiting their remarks for all to hear. Internet radio was created to get away from that crap, but it always seems to follow and ruin things.

There are MANY Internet radio stations who have made these remarks on their stations and their Facebook accounts and it goes unnoticed, but in my case, they fire up the cannons against me and the station.

Grow a pair and take the treatment that you’ve dealt to us through Keith Olbermann and those nut jobs!



One thought on “Political Correctness Is Over-Rated, But People ALWAYS Gripe & Whine

  1. Mr. Pakman & Mr. Schneck can tear this article to pieces, but I don’t care. Neither show was getting very many listeners anyway. AT MOST: 5 listeners for TSISG, 1 listener for TDPS.

    I was about to pull the plug on their shows anyway in favor of shows worth airing.

    Posted by Jake Leonard | January 11, 2011, 5:11 pm

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