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If You Can’t Join Them, Beat Them (At Their Own Game)

I admit, I probably should keep some of my comments to myself, but yesterday morning around 11:00 AM CST, I couldn’t help myself. I’m not about to relive it again, as there are final talks for advertising on the station and new programs.

There is not one person who hasn’t made a mistake in radio. Bill O’Reilly dropped the “F” bomb while working at Inside Edition over two decades ago. Don Imus made a mistake about the “nappy headed hos” comment a handful of years ago. Glenn Beck has cursed numerous times on the air – but somehow miraculously never got fined. And now, I have made the mistake of using the term “Jew” as a verb in terms of being ripped off.

The past is now the past: The David Pakman Show & This Show Is So Gay are no longer on the station and could care less about those programs anymore. I made my public apology online and to both hosts and put this incident behind me.

But this is not what this is about: despite the controversy of the situation, it gained listeners. Many new listeners have emailed me supporting me and said they wanted to tune in before, but airing programs like TDPS and TSISG was preventing them from tuning in. Many of those new listeners said that, saying it was corrupting the Internet airwaves.

However, I mentioned to them in a mass email that WWPM MediaNet is an open forum for all voices to be heard. That didn’t sway their listenership.

Usually in the light of controversies, many radio stations and radio shows lose listeners. Today, that is NOT the case.

I also checked in the archives for all shows listened to. Do you want to know how many combined listeners that The David Pakman Show & This Show Is So Gay garned in their time on the station? Six. Seriously! They have six combined listeners, the lone listener of TDPS and five for TSISG (although they only had two regular listeners.)

It’s 2011 and it was overdue to clean out the shows who performed horribly. Luckily, that work has been completed.

You can hate my station or make accusations that I’m anti-Semitic (which I’m not), I don’t care. I’ve gotten new listeners out of the whole ordeal and they’re not racist or anti-Semitic. Just everyday people like me or you. So go ahead and make your attacks. They’re just going to bounce right off and into the Bottomless Pit of Epic Failure Attacks.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get back to work running a successful Internet radio station.



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