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Isn’t This A Bit Demanding To Stay Compliant With A Tech Solutions Company For Independent Contractors?

My name is Brian Lipiro and I handle compliance for Vendor Relations at Syntechs.  In reviewing our technicians’ files, we have discovered several documents missing from your file.  Please send us the following:

  • Signed original contracts (2)
  • Current proof of business insurance
  • Copy of business license
  • D&B Waiver
  • Badge Photo (Include a full face, front view and open eyes, full head from top of hair to shoulders and taken in plain white or off-white background. Avoid shadows on face or background.)

Here is information for insurance that many techs have used: Accord Insurance Service

Any of the following would suffice for a business license:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Registration of Foreign Corporation
  • EIN Registration Letter from IRS
  • Business Name, Trade Name or Fictitious Name Registration
  • Occupancy License

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Brian Lipiro
Vendor Relations
800.796.8345 EXT 229 Phone

800.796.8346 Fax

This is the email my I.T. company WorldWide Publications & Media received six days ago from Synergy Technical Solutions Corporation (aka Syntechs), one of the companies we were an independent contractor for. We began doing work orders for them in June 2009.

What doesn’t make any sense is why all of the paperwork? I never was required to have this much crap to stay compliant. When I renewed my IC contract in January 2010, all they needed was the signed contract. Throughout 2010, they began demanding more and more. According to the standard of the State of Illinois, computer technicians who work from home don’t need a business license.

You want to know what I have? A Federal employer ID number, IL sales tax number, IL Department of Employment Security number.

First of all, they never sent in the 2011 renewal contract. Secondly, due to ObamaCare and the increase of business insurance premiums and lack thereof of work, I have been unable to have insurance in 2010 and even 2011. Okay, then they want a business license. (But then I submitted my FEIN letter and they didn’t accept it! It’s on that list for accepted business license!) Next, they want a Dun & Bradstreet waiver. (D&B has had the WWPM file since 2005, but every year that they send the waiver, Syntechs wouldn’t accept it – or they lost it!) Last, but not least, they want a badge photo. (I sent them several photos with the requirements stated, but they ALWAYS had something to complain about them.)

That was the final straw. They paid jack squat in 2009 (when I had to drive 3500 miles UNREIMBURSED) to complete 15 jobs involving VISIO LCD hi-def television units. I was routed ZERO calls in 2010. Why should my company be compliant when we might not get a call in 2011 either.

I just made an executive decision yesterday regarding WorldWide Publications & Media’s business relationship with Syntechs and left Brian this message:

Lately, I’ve been looking at other companies to do work for, because based on what you’re requesting for me to remain as an independent contractor for Syntechs is a bit steep and involves too much paperwork.
What I’m saying is that myself and WorldWide Publications & Media is saying farewell. Please take everything off of the database involving my company. I never got any work in 2010 from you anyway.

I still have the OnForce Marketplace, Field Solutions, Barrister Global Services Network, Halifax Corporation, National Service Center and CTS Technologies to rely on for work. Plus, there may be another opportunity for additional work through NSC’s new sister company, Spartan Computer Services sometime during the year. End of story.



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