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A Year In Review

2010 has had its ups and downs, even before this independent Internet radio station came to existence. The economy is still in the gutter, despite the fact the fatcats on Wall Street seem to be flourishing in their greed. There are still millions of unemployed people – and that number has tripled since former President George W. Bush left office in 2009. Gas in many areas are still $3.009 or more despite the fact that crude oil is at $74.00/barrel. Things in America are still gloomy, including this person.

I have tried all year to get a part-time, full-time and/or seasonal job, only to result in many tech jobs in self-employment and two marketing jobs involving Pepsi MAX and the Santa holiday promotion at Toys-R-Us. But of course, that wasn’t so bad – I did create this station, right?

Yes, the station has had its issues, mainly keeping up with payments on our broadcast software, but I definitely thank Tommy Heinsinger for resolving that problem. The issue now is advertising. I’ll get into that later.

I owe a lot to our current broadcast team. If they never agreed to come on the air, this station probably wouldn’t exist in this manner. It’d end up being 24 hour shock jock radio in some way or fashion. Thank goodness for variety!

We made our most recent website redesign late last month and I have to admit: it’s pretty damn nice. And more organized!

So it’s not exactly an entire year (five months) on the air in 2010, but we’re more than ready to take 2011 by the horns and change the face of New Media and Internet radio by storm. With that also comes the official launch of the Great Plains Independent Media Networks Association in 2011, which will band together everyone involved in independent media. That website should be ready by summer.

I have given this some deep thought and decided to consider this option in 2011: live broadcasts from special events. I was thinking the other day “Well, there is a baseball writers convention in Springfield, MO in February……why not do a special live broadcast with I-70 Baseball and the United Cardinal Bloggers sometime during the day (or maybe the night before)? Those plans are still coming to formation and hope to make that possible.

Now, on to the advertising. With the new website design, we’ve decided to split the advertising programs up. Advertising packages begin from $25/year to $55/year (basic and intermediate packages) to even $435/year (deluxe package, which includes our Partners/revenue sharing program). We’re also working on dual-network and multi-network advertising packages, so if you want to air your ads on another station, we can help negotiate a deal for you.

A new year brings forth new opportunities. New shows will come forth (two new shows may be starting sometime in January), advertisers will come, more listeners will come and the possibilities with the station are pretty much endless in 2011.

From myself and everyone at WWPM MediaNet, we hope you enjoy the remaining hours of 2010 and wish you all a happy new year in 2011.



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