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Wow, Those People Are A Joke!

I know I was advised not to post anything, but it’s no longer my problem. I made a post earlier today to one of the co-founders of Prairie Asunder Internet Radio. I send a lengthier one to the other co-founder and it goes like this:

Okay, okay. I get it: none of the management at Prairie Asunder likes me. Face it, we’re two completely different independent Internet radio stations.

We both have different programming ideas and formats.
***Prairie Asunder has one show a week and plays local music from independent artists. I don’t have one goddamn problem with that.***
***WWPM MediaNet chooses to air mainstream music, as well as from independent artists and bands, just not limited to one particular region. (Outside of that, 30+ hours of talk radio involving shock jock comedy, politics, legal analysis and sports air on the station.)***

I don’t know what beef the Prairie Asunder management has against me. It was a broadcasting friend that suggested that I put a PayPal donation button on the site. I only mentioned that button THREE times on Facebook – there was never a complaint from any of the station’s fans. It was mentioned TWICE on our old Flash format website – and no one called or emailed to complain. It was only mentioned it on-air ONCE, back in September. Once again, never a complaint. It was mentioned on the station’s recent promotional videos made through XtraNormal ZERO times, so the usage of the Larry King video and claiming I was “shoving the PayPal button down their throats” is absolutely false.

(I believe the second portion of that video mentioned advertisers, not PayPal donation, if I’m not mistaken.)

I’m literally saying this, but this bullshit is not worth my time wasting toward a purposeless “independent media war.” Let’s just agree to disagree on our business practices of our radio stations.

You all can go ahead and attack my station as much as you want, but I’m not going to give a flying fuck about it. I’ve never had any beef against you or any of the PA staff, nor do I intend to.

I intend to go somewhere with my station (and I’m not saying Prairie Asunder won’t go anywhere either). If I was doing every damn thing wrong, I wouldn’t have marketing agencies emailing me and expressing interest in further promoting and syndicating any of the programs airing on WWPM MediaNet. That was always my purpose when I started.

However, if you guys DO stop making attacks toward WWPM MediaNet, I’ll make sure I remove anything negative toward Prairie Asunder. I’ll call off Tommy DeVito’s attacks. (Yes, I do have independent Internet radio friends beyond Central Illinois.)

Would that be enough to call a truce and agree to disagree on how we run our stations?

Well, the response wasn’t near as interesting…….

You are truly thin skinned. I thought this was a media war we wouldn’t win. Those are your words, not mine. Publically launching a “media war” sounds ridiculous… we were just poking fun at you.

Seriously? To last memory, poking fun didn’t mean media attacks on another independent media station.

To be fair, I do think you’re a douche. Mainly because you’re overconfident. There’s a difference between “fake it to make it” and “fake like you’ve made it for years without ever making anything.”

You sir, are a bigger douche, mainly because you’re a dumb redneck who thinks he knows how to run an Internet radio station. I’ve had more experience than you.

With so much “shock jock” programming, and for all the times you insult an entire subculture by calling people gay faggots all the time, you sure don’t know how to take a little bit of heat.

I never said it was all “shock jock” programming. We air sports talk, political, legal analysis and other programs of different genres.

Your 4chaner friend, Tommy DeVito, has no influence over anything, and no one is impressed that you two racist, homophobic assholes are “friends.” On the same line of thought: “Yes, I do have independent Internet radio friends beyond Central Illinois.” No one gives a shit.

First of all, I never met Tommy DeVito through 4chan. We first met when his Internet radio station was in its infant stages airing on BlogTalkRadio. Tommy has had prior history broadcasting for almost a decade on FM radio. And as a matter of fact, I’m learning a lot from him that no damn communications class would ever teach.

Also, Tommy’s co-host is bisexual. And I’m not homophobic because I do air a homosexual-friendly program which is syndicated from a LPFM station in Vermont.

Before I move on, you underestimate the power on my end of the broadcast table. I do have powerful friends in the independent broadcast media industry. You have 800+ fans in which less than 5% tune in to your station. At least my 250+ fans make an attempt to tune in AT LEAST once a week

Call yourself GM if you must, but stop acting like you’re doing something you’re not.

I believe I deserve to be called General Manager. I did create the radio station after all.

I don’t believe for one second that any marketing companies are contacting you. If they were, I’d be happy for you. I’d ask for pointers and hints on building up to a point that people with money give a shit… But you’re lying. If you want to prove me wrong, share the companies. Or, better yet, post their e-mails with their names taken out; I don’t want you to believe I’m trying to steal your thunder.

First of all, I don’t share information with broadcast rivals. I share them with people I trust. I don’t trust you, so the answer is NO. The only information you’re getting is the following for the agencies:

Texas: area code 903 — Ohio: area code 216 — New York: area code 716
California: area code 805 — Pennsylvania: area code 215

Anyway, I’m done with you. I thought you’d be able to have fun with it given all the shit you sling. I was wrong. I’m not deleting anything off of our facebook, though. Sorry. Not really, but it felt polite.

Have fun Prairie Asunder. You’ve made your first step toward hell.

If that wasn’t bad enough, this message was sent by his wifey:

Why did you send me this giant, butthurt ad? I’m not staff. I don’t care. Regardless, what the hell are you so twisted up over? Two posts? Hardly a war, kid.

Giant, butthurt ad? Classic sign of ignorant education in Christian County. Plus, you are a sponsor, so you are involved. Twisted over two posts? Two posts developed and based on lies created by your husband!

And nice to see you condone misogynistic internet “attacks”.

I don’t think there is such a word as “misogynistic”. I think you just made up a word.

That’s professional. I’m not real sure what he’s threatening and hardly concerned that he can back up any form of a threat- physical or online. Either way, making them on a public forum is a bad idea from a legal standpoint.

His technological abilities are great – better than any self-proclaimed hacker god. I am His disciple and have seen Him destroy yet a many websites and/or servers. His threats are not threats but guarantees.

The posts are doing a great job of getting the PAIR community talking together and showing up in everyone’s top news. Thanks for the free publicity.

I don’t think you’re the only station getting free publicity. I think WWPM MediaNet and Sickness Radio has been getting some publicity as well. So suck that!

People will be offended, but NO ONE attacks my Internet radio station without any kind of retaliation in mind. This media war is on and you ARE in a LOSING battle!



One thought on “Wow, Those People Are A Joke!

  1. And now their station is dead. HA!

    Posted by Jake Leonard | June 12, 2012, 9:28 pm

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