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Okay, I Get It – WWPM MediaNet Has Enemies!

You know, I’m not really surprised that WWPM MediaNet is being criticized by some people and a local Internet radio station, Prairie Asunder Internet Radio.

I never did anything wrong to start off with and all of a sudden attacks came forth with assumptions that I shoved the PayPal donation button down our listeners throats. There was never any emails or messages by our listeners and/or fans that had expressed their problem with any posts we made. We made THREE posts regarding it on our Facebook page and none of our 253 fans complained by wall post or message. On our old Flash format website, we had them on TWO pages and none of the 4,500 unique web visitors ever sent an email to complain. We only mentioned about it ONE time on air, back on September 6. ZERO promotional ads made through XtraNormal ever mentioned it.\

I never had a problem before with Prairie Asunder co-founders Joshua Bailey and Pete Banning. Not one bad word to say about them. I love the fact that they play and promote independent bands native from Central Illinois. But for some reason, they don’t like the way I run my station. Yes, I may play some mainstream music, but I choose to play independent music from musicians from throughout the country and around the world, as well as air independent radio programs.

The attacks from their station’s Facebook page have been going on for two weeks now, so I sent the following message to Banning:

Okay, okay. I get it: none of you guys at Prairie Asunder like me.

1) Our stations both have different programming ideas and formats. (WWPM MediaNet chooses to have a wide variety of programming, as well as music. Prairie Asunder does a weekly program and plays local music 24/7. I don’t have one damn problem with that.)

2) We’re both independent stations. (To hell with terrestrial AM/FM radio……it sucks anyway)

What I’m basically trying to say is I’m not going to waste my time on a media war. Let’s just agree to disagree on our business practices. You and Josh can go ahead and attack my station as much as you want, but you won’t be hearing any more retaliations from me. I’ve never had any beef against you, nor do I intend to.

I’ve got some marketing agencies looking at my station possibly wanting to further syndicate some of the programs I broadcast on my station. That was my purpose to begin with.

They want a media war and I’m not going to give them one. I’m going to agree to disagree and keep doing what I’m doing, because many of our fans and listeners believe we’re doing the right thing. (And yes, we REALLY have marketing agencies listening to our station to help further market our station, as well as our programs.)



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