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The winner of the “Living with Sportz” Fan of the Day for December 15th is Ron Leikness Jr. Ron is from my hometown and has been a big supporter of Living with Sportz and a regular reader of the daily articles. Junior is definitely “Living with Sportz.” Congrats Junior!!!

Thank you to last night’s special guests, Scott Taylor, Len Williams and Cool Mike. It was a great show and I am honored to have such wonderful and informative guests on Living with Sportz Radio.

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Living with Sportz Does Dallas!!! Living with Sportz will be doing a live show in Arlington, Texas on January 2nd. It will be an open mike show so that I can interact with my friends, fans and celebrities that are there. There will be plenty of surprises at the Tailgate Tavern in Arlington. This is next to Cowboys Stadium after the Cowboys/Eagles televised game. More details to follow

Coryell Factor: How do you grade the mark of a man? It has to be more than just wins and losses, or Super Bowl appearances. It should also be about his impact on the game. And that is what history and the Hall of Fame selection committee should remember about Don Coryell. Don Coryell, Hall of Fame 2011

Today I am going to talk about the city of New York and what the fans may be feeling. I am currently living in the not-so-media capital of the world in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I live only 30 minutes from Cliff Lee, who yesterday broke the hearts of the Yankee faithful by signing with the Philadelphia Phillies. The Yankee fans are not used to being rejected. Yankee fans have felt for some time that they have the birth rite to get any player they want and they will win championships. This year the Red Sox and now the Phillies have made a statement that they are in the Major Leagues also. The Red Sox get Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford while the Phillies hit the mother load last night by adding Cliff Lee to this already dynamic starting rotation.

New York is one of my favorite cities and I love the sports fans from this great city. I couldn’t help but think of those crazed fans over the last few days though. Rex Ryan wrote a check with his mouth recently that the players cant cash. They get crushed by the Patriots and then the Dolphins roll into town and take them down 10-6. This offense cant do anything and now it looks like the Jets are only another team in the NFL. Then came one of the worst acts ever committed by an NFL coach when strength and conditioning coach, Sal Alosi trips a gunner from the Dolphins on punt coverage. I admit that I couldn’t believe what I saw when it happened. The Jets have the reputation of being the bullies of the league and now we have a coach tripping a Dolphin player. What is going on in New York? Rex Ryan buried the game ball of the Patriots debacle. If they keep playing the way they are, he might find Jimmy Hoffa by burying ball after ball.

At least in New York, the Knicks are playing better basketball and the fans in New York may be cheering for Carmello Anthony soon. That may put a smile on their face but lets face it, this is a city that lives by sports, 24/7. Winning 8 games in a row is nothing to get too excited about. The fans of New York want championships and everyone knows this Knick team is miles away from a championship. The fans and the media are the toughest and if you don’t back up your words, you hear it. Some players cant handle the attention that playing in the countries biggest city comes with. In New York, you either go big or stay home. Rex Ryan may have been the coach that was meant to be in NYC but he better back up those big words or the fans and media will shred him like a bad report card.

When the New York Giants won the Super Bowl 3 years ago, it seemed to relax the emotions of the Giant faithful but they are back with force. The Giants are expected to win now and I do not know of any coach that goes on the hot seat faster than Tom Coughlin. Coughlin is the perfect, “I don’t care about the fans” coach to be in New York. He does his job and lets the chips fall where they fall. The Giants appear to be the best team in New York once again and for all of those hopeful fans of the Jets, you will have to wait another season.

As for the Mets, I have stated on my radio show and as a guest on New York radio, that this was a terrible hire when they hired Terry Collins as manager of the Mets. Collins is a heck of a guy but he lives and dies with every pitch. With that kind of mentality, the New York media will eat this guy alive. He also does not have the most talented team in the National League, so expect numerous losses for the Mets. I have a hunch that Collins will be gone in the next 2 years but he will offer up some frustrated sound bites that will make all of the sports shows. Look out for the Terry Collins blow-up, it is coming and he hasn’t even managed a game with the Mets yet.

I cant imagine being a fan in this city filled with so many ups and downs on a regular basis. I guess it comes with having so many sports teams and winning so many championships. Yankee fans got a little taste of what most of us have felt in so many off seasons. It sucks, doesn’t it? I know many of them thought it was only a formality for Cliff Lee to sign as the newest member of the Yankees. It made fans from every team in MLB happy that they got to feel the sting of losing a player they thought they were for sure to get. Finally a player took less and chose not to play for the “Evil Empire.” Cliff Lee now has fans in every part of the country today. We are all proud of him, in these days of the almighty dollar, someone said, enough is enough. I want to play where I want to play. New York City lost out in this battle but you can bet they are back at work today. I am sure that Brian Cashman and the entire Yankee organization will keep throwing dollars at every free agent that they want. The Yankee fans wouldn’t want it any other way. I though, for one, am glad that Cliff Lee looked the other way and chose the “Brotherly Love” of Philadelphia.


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I was a professional baseball umpire for 11 seasons from 1979-1989. I follow all sports and read and study everything to do with all aspects of sport. I am now a 50 yr old man who feels the need for a new career and am hoping to get into the sports information age. I love starting discussions about controversial sports and life subjects. I am originally from Wisconsin. I am a diehard cheesehead and have been a lifelong Packer and Badger fan. I have lived all over the country and hope to give an interesting perspective to sports.


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