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OMG – I Love My Job!

That’s right – you heard it from me! I love my job!

Yes, it may mean lots of hours of work and awkward sleep patterns, but it’s well worth it!

WWPM MediaNet, in my honest opinion, has created a lot of momentum since I sent a letter to the editor to several local news entities regarding a school district’s indecision to decide on staying in their conference, which will soon dissolve in 2012-13 or join the South Central Conference in high school athletics.

One thing I’m shocked about is the lack of response to the letter. I had a response from one of the assistant football coaches in the district, but thousands of readers have read the letter in the State Journal-Register, Herald & Review, Free Press-Progress and Montgomery County Journal-News combined. Several papers are too scared to tell the honest truth from a letter, so it hasn’t been published.

However, on Sunday, I was sent a press inquiry through our blog from Paul Semple, publisher of the Shelbyville Daily Union, who happens to agree on this topic. They might have only covered Shelby County, but the village of Tower Hill is part of the Pana school district. The Okaw Valley Conference has had a few financial bumps of their own, but considering that their schools are in Macon, Moultrie and Shelby counties and the schools aren’t that far apart from each other, they have decided to remain as they are.

To the critics who believe independent media isn’t newsworthy – look at what this small business executive has done in two weeks time because of a letter to several newspaper editors regarding high school sports and the state of the conferences. WWPM MediaNet has made huge strides in five months and we intend to make an impact when Eric Lamb & Brian Draus give me the final notice on which broadcast(s) I will be submitting for either Chicago Baseball Week In Review or The Bears Den, or both, for consideration for a Peabody Award. If we win an award, not only would the shows gain more notoriety, but so would WWPM MediaNet and Side Kick Productions Network.



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