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LWS NFL Notes & College Football Rankings

The winner of the “Living with Sportz” Fan of the Day for November 29th is Linda Moss. Linda is a fanatical Yankee fan along with a strong passion for the captain, Derek Jeter. Linda is hoping Jeter re-signs with her beloved Yankees. Linda is definitely “Living with Sportz.” Congrats Linda!!!

DO NOT MISS—Living with Sportz Radio is Tuesday Night. The radio show will be on at 8ET/ 7CT/ 6MT/ 5PT every Tuesday. What a great radio show I have planned for Tuesday night. Special guest, Dave Goren, is the Executive Director of the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association. Goren has also been the sideline reporter and pre-game host for Wake Forest Football. We will also have our weekly visit from Cool Mike. I will have my opinions on the NFL and college football seasons and the beloved BCS. There may be a surprise or two along the way.

Coryell Factor: The Cardinals under Coryell had three consecutive seasons (1974–1976) with double-digit victories and won two consecutive division titles (1974–1975). Those were the only division titles the Cardinals ever won while in St. Louis. Don Coryell, Hall of Fame 2011

Today’s Article, Part 1: NFL Notes from Week 12
GET WELL SOON–Mike Heimerdinger
Biggest Surprise–St Louis Rams
Biggest Disappointment–Tennesee Titans
Most Impressive Team–Chicago Bears
I have a higher career win % than Vince Lombardi, George Halas, Joe Gibbs and Bill Walsh–Leslie Frazier
A Superstar in the making–Matt Ryan
Totally Unpredictable–The NFL
What does it feel like to win a game?–Randy Moss
I wonder if Belichick has room on his staff for me?–Josh McDaniels
The Titans cant score without me–Vince Young
“Good Game, LOL” in a text to the Titans–Vince Young
I am outta here after this season–Jeff Fisher
Your welcome, Brother–Eli Manning
NFC Championship Preview?–Packers/Falcons
I Can Do This All Day–Matt Bryant
NFL Mr. All Everything Player of the Year–Brad Smith
Roy, HANG ONTO THE BALL–Cowboys Fans
I had a perfect QB Rating–Tom Brady
I am NOT cutting my hair–Justin Bieber
I look like Tom Brady–Justin Bieber
4 Wins in a Row–Chicago Bears
Biggest myth in the NFL–The Lions play well on Thanksgiving
7 consecutive losses on Thanksgiving–Detroit Lions
I lose my appetite every Thanksgiving watching the Lions–Ray Kluever

  • EDITOR NOTE: So is Jay Mariotti and dozens of other sportswriters.

11th Place on the Career Wins list–Bill Belichick
Was I good enough to start today, Coach?–Matt Cassel to Pete Carroll
Leinart is a back-up, I am a starter–Matt Cassel
I led the Seahawks in Rushing with 20 yards–Marshawn Lynch
We were looking ahead and won anyway–Baltimore Ravens
We have not beaten a team with a winning record–TB Buccaneers
‘Down Goes Frazier”–Courtland Finnegan & Andre Johnson
The NFL’s Dirtiest Player and Proud of it–Courtland Finnegan
Play of the week–Malcolm Jenkins
I led the Cowboys in rushing with one attempt–Miles Austin
We went to the same High School–Saints Long Snapper, Holder and Kicker
We were ahead before you ate the turkey–Detroit Lions
8 consecutive losses–Cincy Bungles
We are getting together to win a Super Bowl–TO & Ochocinco
What is this red flag in my pocket used for?-Mike McCarthy
4 TD Passes without an interception–Jay Cutler
Busted one day, Beaten the next–Denver Broncos
Even video taping the opponent doesn’t help us win–Denver Broncos
We did not need heroics against the Bungles–NY Jets
Our Demise has been Greatly Exaggerated–NY Giants, Jay Cutler
296 and still counting–#4
Run, Forrest, Run–#4
I Love Leslie–#4
We are used to Losing, Cant Change Now–Detroit Lions
4 Interceptions–Peyton Manning
1st interception in 4 years–Mike Vick
Here we come–New Orleans Saints
There is no place like my home town–Davone Bess
Welcome Back–Chad Henne
Someone had to win–Browns/Panthers
The Best team in the NFC?–Atlanta Falcons
We wait until November to start the season–SD Chargers
The sun got in my eyes–Stevie Johnson
Steeler Nation made it feel like a home game–Steelers at Buffalo
We haven’t made the playoffs since 1999–Lions/Bills
Rookie record of 196 passes without an interception–Sam Bradford
1st Road Win–St Louis Rams
1st of many 300 yard games to come–Sam Bradford
They were anti-McDaniels Fans, not Bronco Fans–Mile High Stadium
I led the Packers in Rushing–Aaron Rodgers
Definition of a Work Horse–Michael Turner
What a difference a week makes–Glover Quin
I am human after all–Michael Vick, Peyton Manning
First time to be shutout since 2004–Tennesee Titans
The Payoff Races are going to be UNBELIVABLE–The NFL
We are in 1st Place the NFC North–Chicago Bears
We are tied for 1st in the AFC East Lead–NE Patriots, NY Jets
We are tied for 1st in the AFC North–Pitt Steelers, Balt Ravens
We are tied for the AFC South–Jacksonville Jags, Indy Colts
We are in 1st Place the NFC East–NY Giants, Philly Eagles
I cant do it alone–Jacoby Ford
I am the AFC Pro Bowl Kicker–Dan Carpenter
We find a way to win–Pittsburgh Steelers
UGH–Carolina Panthers
I wasn’t going to lose us the #1 pick in the draft–John Kasey
I am bad luck–Terrell Owens
DO NOT Doubt Me–Toby Gerhart
Paging any Running Backs, Anyone?–Washington Redskins
Revenge is sweeeeet–Jake Delhomme
13 receptions for 170 yards–Dwayne Bowe
Worst trade of the year–Peyton Hillis for Brady Quinn
I led the Raiders in Rushing with 13 yards–Jacoby Ford
Welcome back to reality–Indy Colts
Strong Hold on the AFC West–KC Chiefs
1-6 since leaving New England–Randy Moss
I need Monster.com–Josh McDaniels
I threw for under 200 yards and we won–Matt Schaub, Mark Sanchez, #4, Matt Ryan
We are still tied for 1st Place in the NFC West–Seattle Seahawks
We are tied for 1st Place in the NFC West–St Louis Rams
We are still in 1st place in the NFC West–Seattle Seahawks
Worst Division EVER–NFC West
Best Tandem in the NFL Sunday–Jamaal Charles & Dwayne Bowe
This is not a misprint–Steelers/Bills go to Overtime
This is not a misprint II–Chicago Bears 8-3
This is not a misprint III-Miami Dolphins, 5-1 on the road
This is not a misprint IV–St Louis Rams are in 1st Place
You never heard of me until yesterday–Davone Bess

Today’s Article, Part 2: LWS NCAA College Football Rankings: November 29, 2010

  1. Oregon: The “Civil War” left on the schedule
  2. Auburn: Terrific comeback against Bama
  3. TCU: Rose Bowl bound without a last second upset
  4. Wisconsin: 177 points the last 10 quarters
  5. Stanford: Only loss is to Oregon
  6. Ohio State: Dominated “The Game”
  7. Michigan State: 1 loss and now are out of BCS consideration
  8. Arkansas: Playing their best football right now
  9. Oklahoma: Will play Nebraska for the Big XII title
  10. South Carolina: SEC Championship this week
  11. LSU: The luck bank ran dry against the Hogs
  12. Virginia Tech: Undefeated in the ACC
  13. Nebraska: Calm down Bo
  14. Missouri: 10-2 for this underrated Tiger team
  15. Texas A&M: Take care of the Horns in Austin
  16. Nevada: WAC Champion
  17. Boise State: The truth will set you free
  18. Florida State: Satisfaction =Destroying the Gators
  19. Alabama: Great start, bad finish against Auburn
  20. Utah: Comebacks are beginning to be their MO
  21. Oklahoma State: The Pokes cant handle Bedlam
  22. Northern Illinois: Scored 71 on Saturday
  23. West Virginia: Win the “Backyard Brawl”
  24. Mississippi State: Mississippi State Champion
  25. UCF: 9-3, George O’Leary can coach

Where is USC? At “Living with Sportz“, you are not eligible for the polls if you are on probation. Sorry Trojan fans.


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I was a professional baseball umpire for 11 seasons from 1979-1989. I follow all sports and read and study everything to do with all aspects of sport. I am now a 50 yr old man who feels the need for a new career and am hoping to get into the sports information age. I love starting discussions about controversial sports and life subjects. I am originally from Wisconsin. I am a diehard cheesehead and have been a lifelong Packer and Badger fan. I have lived all over the country and hope to give an interesting perspective to sports.


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