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Late To The TSA Party

Hello again, folks…

I know I’m late to this party and everyone has run this TSA thing into the ground.  Does that make me want to sit here and hold my tongue?  We really don’t know each other that well, do we?

Basically, the TSA wants the right for some very personal “pat-downs” and body scans to ensure passenger safety.  After announcing this, Americans everywhere began to panic.  It was an invasion of privacy.  It was going to an extreme.  It was over some line in the sand.  It is embarrassing and inconvenient.

You know what I find inconvenient, embarrassing and an invasion of privacy?  The plane I’m on exploding.  Better yet, the plane you’re on hitting the building I’m working in.

Seriously, if the TSA guy wants to grope and fondle me a bit without buying me dinner first yet I know that the plane I’m getting on isn’t going to have some psycho-deranged individual flying me into a building, I’m ok with this.  Is it embarrassing?  You bet it is.  I don’t need someone grabbing my junk in public or feeling through every crevasse on my body to make sure I don’t have a weapon in there.  At the same time, I don’t need the guy next to me pulling a weapon out once I’m 20,000 feet above the ground.

When 9/11 happened, the hijackers used box knifes.  At the time, these were allowed on planes.  Sorry – did I say that too fast for you?  Read it again.  It’s okay, I’ll wait….  Done?  Good.  That’s right, box knifes were allowed on a plane.  In case, you know, you needed to open a box mid-flight or something.  If the TSA would have announced that box knifes were no longer allowed prior to 9/11, would we have been outraged then as well?

Look, put your head in the sand all you want, but 9/11 happened and it was real.  Someone had the nerve to attack us on our own soil.  Someone had the nerve to hijack civilian planes and fly them into building full of civilian workers and killed thousands of people.  That is the reality of the world we live in.  Moreover, the reality of this world is that we, as Americans, stand and fight against foes not just foreign but domestic.  The potential idiot hijacker may be male, female, in a turban or a John Deere cap.  We just don’t know.

In the long run, these are measures aimed to keep everyone safe.  The world is not a place that we can be so cocky as to assume that measures like this are not necessary.  Suck it up, America.  Let the TSA guys and gals get their jollies off with a misplaced hand or rub down.  But in the back of your mind, know that you are in fact flying the friendly skies.

Bill Ivie is the Executive Editor of I-70 Baseball, the on air host of I-70 Baseball Radio, the Assignment Editor for BaseballDigest.com and a frequent host of the United Cardinal Blogger Radio Hour.  You can follow him on Twitter by clicking here.


About Bill Ivie

I'm a baseball historian that studies the game in all aspects. I serve as Assignment Editor for BaseballDigest.com and own a network of websites that are all baseball related. That network started with i70baseball.com and will grow with two new sites on Opening Day, 2011.


One thought on “Late To The TSA Party

  1. Hey Bill,

    I’m in agreement with you on this issue. My job puts me on the road quite a bit and I have to deal with this all across the US. I have to acknowledge that I must give up a certain degree of privacy and modesty in order to take advantage of convenient and rapid transportation. It’s not a right, it’s a choice. If we are going to get all mad, let’s make sure we aim it at the ones who are causing us this inconvenience.

    The one area where I do have some issues though is in the screening of female travelers. Every time I’ve been subject to a TSA pat-down, it has been a professional affair. I can understand the objections of some female travelers through, as the groping seems to be a bit excessive, bordering on the creepy side at times.

    It is a choice though, and if your privacy and modesty don’t permit the additional security measures, please feel free to take the train, a car or a boat.

    Posted by Bob Netherton | November 22, 2010, 5:44 pm

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