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My Opinion On Nokomis’ Hesitation On Returning To The South Central Conference

I’m making this submission when I saw news stories during this month that contrasted with the articles on Illinois sports websites dating to the end of the 2009-10 school year. I’m sending this to local newspapers and will post at the end when I made the submission.

Since the conclusion of the 2009-10 school year, there were already talks of the Prairie State Conference dissolving. The economy has made things harder for all of the schools in their respective conferences, which is causing a redrawing of the conference lines as we speak.

Some people don’t realize this but 84 years ago, Nokomis joined Staunton, Gillespie and seven other schools to create the South Central Conference. Nokomis was a member from its inception in 1926 until 1944 and once again from 1955 until they left in 1984.They would band with a handful of schools in 1985 to create what is known as the Prairie State Conference, moreorless a cousin conference of the SCC. Now with the current financial situation of all of the schools involved in both conferences, it’s due time to give Nokomis another shot.

Ever since I came to Illinois in 1993, I heard stories of the storied Nokomis-Pana rivalry, as well as huge rivalries with Hillsboro and Litchfield.As an avid sports fan, I just get tired of the same boring so-called rivalries Nokomis has in the Prairie State Conference, since North Macoupin (NorthMac) and Pawnee are considering joining the Sangamo Conference to cut their travel costs. Bunker Hill is leaving the Western Illinois Valley Conference to join the Prairie State Conference, but at what cost? If Staunton, Gillespie and Nokomis, three of the main creators of the South Central Conference abandon ship to join the conference, the Prairie State Conference may only have 3-4 teams, which the Illinois High School Association should just decide to impose a dissolvation of the conference.

What’s stopping Nokomis from joining? Unless it’s SCC president Gayle McRoberts making the decision dissenting against their application, the district should have no problem getting in. Three of the STL metro area teams are gone from the SCC as of 2012-13, so why can’t we get in? Is it on account of our small school size. Hogwash! I am one fan who prefers better competition than what we currently have!

Submitted to Montgomery County Journal-News 11/21/2010, online 11/29/2010, published 11/29/2010
Submitted to Pana News-Palladium 11/21/2010
Submitted to Nokomis Free Press-Progress 11/21/2010
, published 11/24/2010
Submitted to Springfield State Journal-Register 11/27/2010, online 12/01/2010, published 12/01/2010?
Submitted to Decatur Herald and Review 11/27/2010, online 11/29/2010, published 11/30/2010?
Submitted to St. Louis Post-Dispatch 11/27/2010
Submitted to Vandalia Leader-Union 11/28/2010
Submitted to Macoupin County Enquirer-Democrat 11/28/2010, published TBA
Press Inquiry by Shelbyville Daily Union 12/05/2010, submitted 12/05/2010

The following newspapers covers the following South Central Conference teams:

  • The Journal-News: Hillsboro & Litchfield
  • Pana News-Palladium: Pana
  • Vandalia Leader-Union: Vandalia
  • Macoupin County Enquirer-Democrat: Carlinville

I was unable to send a letter to the following SCC team and their newspaper because they have no official website, moreorless a website that displays the news on it:

  • The Greenville Advocate: Greenville

I thought it was pointless to send letters to the editor of local papers of the three SCC teams that are kicked out of the conference in 2012-13: Alton Marquette, Roxana and White Hall-Wood River, but if they wished to be informed, they can read it in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch when it is published.



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