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Grave Injustice Done To BlogTalkRadio Show Host & Family

BlogTalkRadio conservative talk show host Rambo Lybrand during a Tancredo For Governor march.

Guest submission by Marcia Katie Stowe Baker, Program Director of ProVision1 Media. Edited by Jake Leonard.

Saturday started out peaceful for BlogTalkRadio talk show host, Rambo Lybrand, at least according to an early comment around 9:00 AM MST wishing his friends on the social networking site Facebook “Good Morning and Happy Sabbath.” The day seemed to be going pretty smoothly while posting later that he is looking for a farm job that will provide housing from “anybody in the plains of Colorado, southern Wyoming or southwestern Nebraska.” For those who don’t know Lybrand and his family well, they are currently homeless and living out of their vehicle, except on days they have been fortunate enough to spend a few nights or so in a hotel room. At the time, they were in the Colorado community of Eaton.

Around 4:00 PM MST, things apparently went out of hand. Although the details are still sketchy on what time the Lybrand family checked into the Red Coach Inn in Lucerne, hotel management kicked out the family out because Rambo had a firearm in his possession. The hotel had obviously contacted the Weld County Sheriff’s Department and claimed child abuse was taking place because Lybrand had a loaded weapon. The officer investigating the incident informed the hotel staff member that having a loaded weapon was not considered child abuse as long as the weapon was being handled responsibly. However, the officer could do nothing to prevent the hotel from evicting the homeless family from the premises in the middle of a snow storm. To make matters worse, the family members had just recently been to the hospital and been diagnosed with strep throat. He states, “We paid for two weeks and they didn’t even give us a refund. We are sitting at the McDonald’s in Eaton. The cops ran our guns, our names, but were polite.”

It is still unclear how the hotel discovered Lybrand had a weapon. There was no stipulation stating that banned firearms from the premises, moreorless anything in print banning firearms from the premises when they first checked in. One of the Facebook friends contacted the hotel to complain about the treatment of the family and was told that Lybrand had threatened one of the hotel guests, which he vehemently denied.

Thanks to one of Lybrand’s Facebook friends, Bob, they are now situated in an unnamed hotel for the next two days while they try to figure out what to do next. Lybrand commented, “I am in absolute shock, to be kicked out of a hotel for legally owning a firearm. This is America and socialist scum, like the managers at the Red Coach Inn, are the problem.” I will be contacting the hotel to follow up on their side of the story as well as the Sheriff’s Department. The above report is taken from comments on Facebook.

This obviously won’t look good for the Red Coach Inn, because the Lybrands have a good lawsuit against them for this grave injustice. Reports have also been submitted to Glenn Beck and FOX News, TheBlaze.com, ResistNet.com, TeaBook.org, TeaParty.org and The912Project.us among other Tea Party websites. NOTE: The opinions of our political writers, whether liberal or conservative, do not necessarily reflect the overall opinions of WWPM MediaNet or its subsidiaries.



2 thoughts on “Grave Injustice Done To BlogTalkRadio Show Host & Family

  1. A note to everyone who read this article back in November: I was contacted by Lybrand yesterday and looks like he’s in the same predicament at the hands of Osama hunter Gary Faulkner.

    Here’s my updated post:

    Posted by Jake Leonard | January 8, 2011, 10:31 am
  2. This man is CON ARTIST….You can’t believe a WORD he says. NOT ONE.

    Posted by bamnpebbles | January 18, 2011, 2:24 pm

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