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From The Newsroom of WWPM MediaNet: Sunday, November 14 @ 3:00 AM

Republicans Contest Contributions Made To Illinois Governor

Illinois state Republicans, along with representatives from the National Republican Committee, are contesting for the release of the list of contributors Sunday. They believe governor-elect Pat Quinn (D-Chicago) received financial kickbacks from Coca-Cola Corporation shortly after they were given the exclusive beverage contract for the 2010 Illinois State Fair. In past years, Pepsi-Cola/Refreshment Services Pepsi have had the exclusive contract until an investigation uncovered that former governor Rod Blagojevich received kickback money in his last bid for re-election. Quinn filled in for the ousted  Blagojevich in the light of a scandal that involved selling the vacant U.S. Senate that President Barack Obama vacated to the highest bidder. The Governor’s Office will neither confirm nor deny this – which means Quinn is obviously hiding something from the people of Illinois.

We’re STILL Helping Haiti?

First, it was the earthquake that started it all. Next, it’s the tropical depression and subsequential cholera epidemic shortly afterward. We still have people from the American Red Cross there and people are still nipping at the bud to keep supporting the cause. More donation scams are occurring by the day, which should discourage donors. Obviously, they’re stupid. Worry about your bills and quit supporting a country that will never pay us one dime back!

News Update On A Story Released Earlier

Rambo Lybrand, host of "Damage Control Central", one of BlogTalkRadio's top conservative radio shows.

We broke the story regarding BlogTalkRadio conservative radio host Rambo Lybrand earlier. Now Lybrand is asking his friends to harass the Red Coach Inn for the grave injustice they have cause to his family – over something that every person has the right to have and own as protected by the Second Amendment – a firearm of any kind. You can give the Red Coach Inn a piece of your mind by calling (970) 353-3244.

That is our news update for now. You can follow up on our news stories by going to our website at WWPMMediaNet.info.



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