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25 Favorite Media Blowups (or Hilarious Moments)

25. Strut That Ass: Although the identities of an elderly Huntsville, Alabama area native and a reporter from WHNT 19 are unknown, it appears that the broadcast was from the 1990s when Bill Clinton was POTUS.

24. Gary Coleman Blows Up On The Insider Over Wife Abuse: Guest psychologist Lisa Bloome asked Coleman a question whether he has ever beaten his wife. After being pursued over the same question three times, Coleman got pissed and walked off the set. It appears a phony psychologist wannabe, Charlie Sophy, appears shortly afterward and pokes fun with his analysis.

23. Bill O’Reilly vs. The Producer: This classic is always something to keep watching, but it gets old after a while. But the lines that are embedded in our minds are “What do they mean to play us out?”, “We’ll do it live! Fuck it!” and “Fucking thing sucks!”

22. Mike Tyson Wants To Eat Your Children: The guys at Sickness Radio will disagree on this one – it should be higher. But for a guy who bit a good portion of Evander Holyfield’s ear off years ago. I leave this as it is.

21. Shut Up!: Jim Calhoun, head coach of the University of Connecticut, snaps off at a member of the press,  Ken Krayeske, who asked a stupid question regarding Calhoun’s salary. Boy, did this guy get pissed off!

20. Bobby Knight Throws A Chair: One of America’s favorite angry collegiate basketball coach, Bobby Knight, doing one of his signature anger moves. And the title explains it all! (This won’t be the only Knight clip in our countdown.)

19. Hal McRae Gets Pissed Off As Well: You’ll get the jest of it by viewing the video.

18. Mike Ditka Adjusts His Balls: You decide whether he was or not on national TV. I’m surprised Golic and Greenberg didn’t notice!

17. Public Access Blowup: And it’s not from the public access show host Ken Sander. It’s from the callers – the early day trolls.

16. Kanye West Attacks Paparazzi Photographer: As shown on TMZ.

15. Conan O’Brien Attacks Jay Leno & NBC: This would be around the time where O’Brien would get the screw job from hosting The Tonight Show, only to give it back to Leno. Hope this move to TBS works out because I want Leno fired!

T13. 10:10 Or You Gets Blown Up: I guess I can see why Glenn Beck attacks this extremeist communist-leaning fascist George Soros. If you watch this video, you might know why. (CAUTION: Not Suggested To The Weak Of Mind & Stomach)

T13. Daniel Negreanu Blows Up In Interview: Payback is hell when you kick a guy that’s down (and I’m meaning when a guy has some very bad hands in poker!)

12. Bobby Knight Goes Berzerk On His Own Show: So Knight is pissed about his team (which was then Indiana U.) having a bad season. This clip never made it on the air, but the world got to see it on YouTube.

11. Attacks Photographer For No Reason: Brad Garrett attacks a photographer and breaks his camera. He’s gone from Everybody Loves Raymond to Everyone Hates Brad!

10. Don West vs. Mike Tenay: Former TNA color commentator and current merchandise promotion guy Don West accuses broadcast commentator Mike Tenay of something which was obviously a Vince Russo storyline.

9. Walkoff On The View: Bill O’Reilly successfully manages to piss Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar enough to walk off the set. Seems like Barbara WaWa tried her best to keep the peace, but it ended up in EPIC FAIL……….ASS. Then she makes her best attempt to condemn O”Reilly for his comments – another EPIC FAIL!

8. Poker Brat Pissed Off: You can’t have a media meltdown without the Poker Brat, Phil Hellmuth.

7. Billy Bob Thornton Goes Off On Canadian TV: You just have to put a Billy Bob clip in any top media blowup list!

6. Ignorant Callers: These callers on The Michael Savage Show are truly stupid. This is a compilation video.

T4. Medical Malpractice: So this Belgian talk show host thinks it’s funny that these two people are handicapped. Hope the captions help, because I wouldn’t have known what the hell they were trying to say!

T4. BlogTalkRadio Tirade: The host of “True Conservative Radio”, mainly known as “Ghost”, goes off on the issue of Asians without toilets. I always wondered why this guy never had a heart attack and died while on the air.

3. Keith Brooking Holiday Meltdown: So Brooking worshipped the now-former head coach Wade Phillips and an avid member of the “Phillips Ass-Kisser Club”. So he blows up on his own show on KTXA-21 and toward the show host Steve Dennis from “The Dennis & Engel Show” on ESPN Radio 103.3 because of some remarks involving Phillips’ coaching abilities.

T1. Rome Gets A Beatdown: And I guess he deserved it, calling Jim Everett “Chris Everett”!

T1. Nappy Headed Hos: Screw Media Matters for America – this was hilarious!



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