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Welcome To New Media

For years now we have relied on newspapers, magazines, mainstream radio, and television to bring us our news and analysis on everything from politics to sports to opinion.  The world has changed.

New Media has arrived.  Sites like Blog Talk Radio have given every person on the Internet a chance to have their voice heard.  You can hear opinions, call in and argue your own thoughts, or hang out in chat rooms and openly discuss things with a group of individuals.  Websites like WWPM MediaNet bring you Internet radio programming uncensored and hard hitting.  It’s not for everyone, but it gives a home to those who want it.

Websites like mine are developing new formats for looking at old material.  I-70 Baseball covers Cardinals and Royals baseball, but it is every bit a news site as any other out there.  When told recently that media requests needed to come from “legitimate media”, I could not help but be outraged.  I have a staff of 14 writers covering two major league teams 365 days a year, if I am not media, who is?

But that’s just it, the world is racing to be involved in New Media but is not completely ready to embrace it.  In the interim, you have great content and the ability to be the first to discover it.  In five years, you will be able to tell your friends that you were a part of New Media when it was actually New.

I am proud to bring you the content that we feature on my site.  I am proud to bring you quality radio programming like I-70 Baseball Radio weekly.  I am proud to be involved in grass roots movements like WWPM MediaNet and BaseballDigest.com.  In the near future, I will be announcing new websites to the growing network of sites under my name.

Most of all, I enjoy the interactions with each of you.  I sincerely hope you enjoy reading and hearing what we have to offer.

Bill Ivie
Executive Editor and Founder | i70baseball.com
On Air Host | I-70 Baseball Radio
Assignment Editor | BaseballDigest.com
Member of Baseball Bloggers Alliance


About Bill Ivie

I'm a baseball historian that studies the game in all aspects. I serve as Assignment Editor for BaseballDigest.com and own a network of websites that are all baseball related. That network started with i70baseball.com and will grow with two new sites on Opening Day, 2011.


One thought on “Welcome To New Media

  1. Great insight into the New Media market. It’s grassroots movements like WWPM MediaNet and Baseball Digest that often get overlooked because we aren’t mainstream.

    They’re not giving us the chance we have as much as fought for. This is my company’s New Media division and yet despite the listeners, most of them don’t want to support it, moreorless getting advertisers who won’t rip you off.

    These are the issues I face running the station, but I am very fortunate for the great lineup of programs – people will soon enough take notice. AM/FM radio is slowly going the way of Old Yeller, just not quickly enough.

    Posted by Jake Leonard | November 8, 2010, 3:58 pm

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