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Goodbye Ryno

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Ryne Sandberg, and the Chicago Cubs, recently announced that Sandberg would not be returning to manage AAA Iowa in 2011. This does not come as a major surprise, as Sandberg’s stated goal was to manage the Chicago Cubs in 2011. After losing out in that competition to Mike Quade, who did an admirable job the last 5-6 weeks of the season, Sandberg apparently felt that he could not be happy with a coaching position on the Cubs. It also could be that the Cubs and Quade, may have felt that the situation would have been too uncomfortable for all parties involved. Quade has certainly paid his dues, and deserves this shot. As listeners to Chicago Baseball Week In Review know, I strongly felt Sandberg deserved the shot to manage the Chicago Cubs as well.  Now, a long tenure as player and manager in the Cubs system, has finally come to an end for this revered player in Chicago Cubs history.  I hate to see Ryno leave. He did a tremendous job in the minors. His teams played with attitude and grit. In short, they played “old school”.  Unfortunately, that did not result in getting his dream job. However, the track record he has compiled is sure to be noticed by many other teams. Wherever Ryne winds up in 2011, and I am betting it will be at the major league level as a coach, I for one, will be a huge fan of his.  He is going to be very successful at the major league level, I believe. And whenever his team is not playing the Cubs, I will be their biggest fan!  All the best to you Ryno! Many of us in Cubs nation are very sad to see you go, but will be rooting for your success wherever you wind up!

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