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What A Journey So Far!

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For those who are just now discovering and reading this blog, here is a brief overview of what WWPM MediaNet represents.

WWPM MediaNet’s station history would begin in the spring and summer of 2008 in Canton, Missouri, which broadcasted as WorldWide Publications & Media Radio Network. The operation under said name moved to Hannibal in September 2008, before going off the air in November 2008 to move to Texas. Other reasons included extensive technical issues and lack of financial support by listeners. There were also no broadcast shows, just a 24-hour music stream.

The operation wouldn’t relaunch until a brief preview broadcast during the latter part of 2009, while most operations were broadcast on BlogTalkRadio. It was similar to the first broadcast, just except we were limited to two hours a night on BTR and the 24-hour broadcast stream we tried running with a two-hour rebroadcast of every show I hosted with 22 hours of music wouldn’t last.

During the later part of 2008, my company (now collectively known as WWPM Holdings, soon to become a limited liability corporation in the near future) partnered with operations of two terrestrial FM stations, which were co-owned by entities like ClearChannel Communications before their mismanagement of funds were discovered and many people lost their jobs.

CCC was a 1/2 owner of KWLR-LPFM in the greater Quad Cities area and WWPM-FM (surprisingly coincidental, isn’t it?) in the greater Paducah area in Kentucky. I bought into the stations in mid-to-late 2008, until CCC sold me their portion of KWLR, giving me majority ownership. KWLR wanted to pursue Internet radio, but CCC limited their opportunities. After examining financial records, it was revealed that CCC embezzled funds that were originally appropriated for the station and in January 2009, I shut down the station and sold the building to cover any debts the station had.

WWPM was even worse – Paducah Broadcasting owned the station before CCC bought into it when the station was financially failing. I bought the station in January 2009 to have a 1/3 ownership share of the station. After the second fiscal quarter ended in June, I requested a copy of the financial records – CCC was giving WWPM the shaft job by doing what they did to KWLR by embezzling funds from the station budget. Paducah Broadcasting and my company voted the CCC shareholders out and we agreed to dissolve the station to pursue Internet radio. Paducah Broadcasting bowed out in November 2009 when their attempts failed.

I own the licensing for both stations, but they’re now collectively known as WWPM MediaNet (in some markets known as WWPM Media Networks, which is pretty much the longer business name).

Even though I have my own network, I never strayed too far away from BlogTalkRadio. As a matter of fact, we rebroadcast programs for those who broadcast their shows on BTR. Two members of our broadcast family used to be on BTR, but now run their own station, known as Sickness Radio, which we simulcast their signature show The Sickness every night from 7-11 PM CST.

We relaunched for the third time on August 1, 2010 and have been broadcasting ever since. WWPM MediaNet is independent media for the masses broadcasting from the heartland of America, listener-supported and somewhat sponsored by advertisers.



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